Inspections by drones bothvisual and thermal

Through our thermal inspections, solar panels can be inspected to detect heat leaks.

Inspections from an efficient perspective

By using drones it is much easier and safer to carry out inspections at height. When we arrive on location, it only takes a few minutes for our drones to be in the air. After that, we can proceed to perform both visual and thermal inspections. Think of solar panels inspections, inspecting industrial roofs, ... Drones are also an optimal alternative for situations in which the roof is no longer safe, for example, and an assessment of the situation has to be made. There are no risks to be taken and the drone can safely record very clear images of the roof.
After our flights, we will provide you with all the images, so you can use them, for example, for your insurance claim in the event of storm damage.

Why should you chooseDevenox creative drone team?

Devenox Creative Drone Team consists of a dynamic team made from drone pilots. We operate in-house, as well as build and repair drones ourselves. There is not only expertise in the field of drones, but also the way in which everything must be visualized in order to make the most convincing message possible to your potential customers.
The right turns, and flight maneuvers are just as much a must to produce a video that leaves an impression. By combining professional in-house video editing and controlling the drones, we succeed in giving your customers a lasting impression of your company.
Our team is very hands-on, we know how to get things done and this is clearly reflected in the delivered productions. With us, nobody sits still, we keep innovating to stay up to date and thus be able to offer the latest techniques to our customers.
In addition, Devenox Creative Drone Team is part of Devenox BV, where we have everything in-house to promote your footage and generate the highest possible return on investment. Devenox BV takes care of everything that comes with your digital presence from A to Z and has delivered proven results when it comes to achieving specific goals. At Devenox BV we know how to sell your digital story convincingly AND with the necessary results.