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Resort, hotel, restaurant, watersports? We would love to collaborate and bring your socials to life with a stunning video.

We are Devenox Drone Team

Finding challenging situations on tropical islands is our biggest passion. Using not only normal drones, we also utilize a range of cinematic FPV racer drones that will take your videos to the next level. The restaurant, indoor pool, overview shots, risky action shots, we got you covered. The broad experience we gained in locations such as Greek islands, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Philippines, Vietnam Bulgaria, Belgium, The Netherlands will make you stand out.

FPV Racers and CineWhoops

Aside from the traditional drones, of which we all know how the shots look, we implemented the commercial use of FPV racing drones and CineWhoop drones. These drones offer a completely different flight envelope and will guarantee a unique style and perspective in your video. The possiblities these drones offer are almost as big as your imagination!

Resorts, restaurants, watersports, ...

From experience we can say our pilots and drones will be able to provide you with a stunning video. We have experience filming resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars, watersports and so on. From flying through restaurants to chasing jetski's, we have done it! Even with our experience there are still alot of things we haven't captured yet, in these things we see new challenges and possibilities.

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