A company, event, or real estate?we capture it on video

Thanks to our extensive range of drones, we can shoot amazing images in every situation. You can contact us for a wide range of projects from corporate videos to resorts or real estate.

We offer a unique perspective

Not only the right drones, but also the actions determine which unique images we can take. A flight through your company does not give the same impression as the same flight, where the right turn is started at the right time. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we know what is possible, what is allowed, and what works!

Corporate drone videos

Your company, that is what you want to show off. Why do people choose you? The right video often says more than a photo with a catchy line. Whether it concerns the atmosphere, the scale, your new business premises, or the recording of an entire production process? At Devenox Creative Drone Team we work on a tailor-made basis, and we clearly discuss what you want to highlight. Together we discuss the goals and options before proceeding to map out THE flight through your company.

Why should you chooseDevenox creative drone team?

Devenox Creative Drone Team consists of a dynamic team made from drone pilots. We operate in-house, as well as build and repair drones ourselves. There is not only expertise in the field of drones, but also the way in which everything must be visualized in order to make the most convincing message possible to your potential customers.
The right turns, and flight maneuvers are just as much a must to produce a video that leaves an impression. By combining professional in-house video editing and controlling the drones, we succeed in giving your customers a lasting impression of your company.
Our team is very hands-on, we know how to get things done and this is clearly reflected in the delivered productions. With us, nobody sits still, we keep innovating to stay up to date and thus be able to offer the latest techniques to our customers.
In addition, Devenox Creative Drone Team is part of Devenox BV, where we have everything in-house to promote your footage and generate the highest possible return on investment. Devenox BV takes care of everything that comes with your digital presence from A to Z and has delivered proven results when it comes to achieving specific goals. At Devenox BV we know how to sell your digital story convincingly AND with the necessary results.

Real estate drone videos

We also offer our services to you, a real estate agent that wants that little bit extra. A beautiful estate, a company hall, a beautifully landscaped garden, dynamic images will always provide more attention and emotion than static images. At Devenox Creative Drone Team we combine both, so that you have all the necessary material in your hands after our video/photo session. The atmospheric video images will certainly be an added value for creating potential buyers looking for the right 'click'.

Events drone videos

Often the most impressive images are those in which dynamic activity is visible. At Devenox Creative Drone Team we have pilots who handle FPV drones smoothly after years of experience. This guarantees speed and extraordinary flights that would otherwise never be possible. FPV stands for First Person View, the pilot flies, as it were, with glasses that display the live images from the camera on the front of the drone. As a result, follow videos can be made where speed is a requirement. Thrills and spectacular flights guaranteed!

Nature drone videos

Shooting fairytale landscapes or extensive plains is done with the DJI FPV drone. This drone provides all the stability needed to achieve beautiful shoots. It is certainly a unique way for agricultural and forestry companies to record their activities on film.